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Political Cartoons  

Florida's "Stand Your Ground" Deadly Force Law
By Cartoon: Jeff Parker, Florida Today
Project: Cynthia Kirkeby,
Apr 30, 2005, 10:50 PST

© Jeff Parker, Florida Today

Stand Your Ground Law

Florida has decided that the requirement for someone to attempt to flee from their attacker before they have the right to use deadly force in their home, was an unrealistic requirement. Known as the Stand Your Ground bill, the house recently passed a new deadly force law (SB 436) to eliminate the it from the self-defense requirement.

Discussion Questions

Should you still have to try to run away from someone entering and attacking you in your home, or should you be able to defend yourself?

Was the original law foolishly idealistic or was it reasonable to require people to flee before they can shoot to protect themselves and their family?

Why do you think legislators originally required the “attempt to flee clause” in the law?

What do other states and countries require before taking action against an intruder in your home?

Can you think of circumstances where it would be impossible to attempt to flee before taking action against an intruder in your home?

Learning Links

SB 436 - Protection of Persons/Use of Force
Take a look at the history of this bill in the House of Representatives, and read the final wording of the law.
Source: Florida House of Representatives

Florida Law Expands Right to Kill in Self-Defense
A new law allows Floridians to kill in self-defense without first being required to attempt to flee their attacker. Common sense or a disaster in waiting? You can decide.
Source: Reuters

Jeb Bush backs Florida’s ‘Kill Bill’
Read the English viewpoint on the Florida bill.
Source: TimesOnline (UK)

Bush OKs Gun Law As Dueling Continues
This Florida article discusses whether or not the new law brings Florida into line with other states on this issue.

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