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History & Government  

Gangs of New York - Suggested Book List
By Sarah Lane
Aug 22, 2006, 10:26 PST

Gangs of New York Lesson Plan - Suggested Book List

The Secret Language of Crime: The Rogue’s Lexicon
Thia is a comprehensive dictionary of 19th century criminal slang compiled in 1859 by the former Chief of Police of New York City, George Matsell. It’s the book that novelists and historians turn to make the streets of 19th century America come alive. More than 2500 words and phrases are defined in its 204 pages.
(Suggested book for LESSON PLAN #1 Gangs of New York Linguistics Lesson Plan)

Gangs of New York: An Informal Histroy of the Underworld
This book explores early gang warfare during the 19th century. It recounts the time leading up to the creation of the New York City Police department, and a time in the city’s history that you almost never see portrayed in films or books. Readers found the accounts of the 1863 Civil War draft riots of particular interest and the rest an outlined history based on interviews and old newspaper clippings. This is not a book patterned after the movie.
(Suggested book for LESSON PLAN #2 Gang Warfare - Then & Now)

New York Daily News Review of Gangs of New York
With the help of some Charles Dicken’s quotes, Pete Hamill from the New York Daily News gives the reader a complete picture of the history surrounding the Gangs of New York film. Review the path of gang members as well as the inconsistancies between fact and fiction in the film itself.
(Suggested reading material for post film discussions)

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