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Last Updated: Jan 8th, 2011 - 16:45:13 


Tunnels of Learning - The World of Ants - Lesson Plans & Experiments
By ClassBrain Staff
May 2, 2004, 19:01 PST

Additional Teacher’s Learning Links for The World of Ants

Additional Teacher’s Learning Links for The World of Ants


Lesson Plans for Ants

Little Me In a Big World

A lesson plan for looking at obstacles that humans and insects encounter.  Students predict, observe, and record strategies to overcome them.

Source:              Center for Insect Science Education Outreach, The University of Arizona

Grade Level:      First

Health Topic:     Self-esteem

Subjects:            Health, Science, Language Arts, Music


Ants, ants, and more ants

Locate reading strategies, writing activities, math integration and more inside these seven detailed lesson plans centered on ants.  There’s also a bibliography with fiction and nonfiction books on ants.

Source:              N.C. Volding


Expressive Arts Activities: Ants 

Combine children’s curious natures with learning by following these activities.  From visual art, to music & movement, and dramatic play, there’s fun for every kind of kid when learning about these critters.

Source:              Macomb Projects


The Secret Lives of Ants

Choose from any of the six listed activities and teach your kids about ant trails, pheromones, colonies, ant traps and lots more.

Source:              University of Kentucky Entomology for Kids


Ant Experiments


Invite Ants to Lunch

Put these fun experiments to the test.  Set up your very own feeding station, find out who’s a fussy eater, how far they will go, and how these ants ‘spread the news.’

Source:              National Wildlife Federation


The Magic School Bus Has Ants in its Pants

This is all you will need to make some ants a temporary home for you to watch them in.  Bring your imagination and curiosity along for this ride.

Source:              Scholastic, Inc.


Ants, Ants, Ants

Find out how much fun it is to have your very own ant farm!  There are instructions on how to build one, facts about ants, ant links and ant books.

Source:              Geocities, Inc.


Part of the Tunnels of Learning - The World of Ants Lesson




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