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Halloween Printable Activity Sets
By A to Z printable games
Sep 22, 2011, 10:40 PST

Deluxe Halloween & Harvest Games Collection
- $ 19.95

Who said candy is the only entertainment for Halloween?? Games, laughter and tons of fun are just what the dentist ordered! And the games that will entertain and make you and yours laugh are here in the Deluxe Halloween & Harvest games collection - with over 60 printable games with answers that you can print right from your computer.

The Skinny: There's no limit to the number of printouts you can make. Print one game or print them all. Access using your email address & password after purchase. Return to print at your own convenience. Membership with unlimited printouts for 90 days.

Have fun this Halloween with these great downloadable games and Halloween activity sets.

Halloween Trivia Challenge
- $ 6.99

A fiendishly fun and diabolically difficult trivia game that will challenge, outwit and bedevil many a competitor. Answer Key included.

Halloween Charades & Pictionary
- $ 6.99

Two favorite games combined for 100% Halloween Party Fun! Over 140 cards covering everything from TV and Movie Costumes to Creepy Things!

Halloween Secret Message
- $ 6.99

What's the secret Halloween message? To find out, players race to cross out the letters and be the first to be declared the Master Decoder. Answer key included.

Which Witch Is Which? Halloween Riddles
- $ 6.99

They'll have so much fun trying to solve these riddles, players will want to play again! We've included two different game versions to make the fun last even longer. Answer keys included.

Halloween Picture Bingo
- $ 6.99

Bingo made for the youngest players! All squares have pictures so even the kids can play bingo. Generator will scramble pictures for unique cards. Kid-friendly and tradtional versions are included. Call card with pictures included.

Halloween Picture Puzzle
- $ 6.99

Picture puzzles are hard enough, but can you master the game when you're looking for compound words? Find out who can add two separate words to make one - using only pictures as clues! Answer key included.

Halloween Word Twist
- $ 6.99

How many words can you make out of "Happy Halloween"? Find out when you play this word twist game! Game can be customized to use any phrase you want!

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