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Chinese New Years
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Jan 20, 2008, 06:29 PST

In 2007 Chinese New Year commences on February 18th, and the new year will be the year of the Boar (or the Pig). It's formal name in the "Stem Branch" system, a sixty year naming cycle, is Ding Hai.

Visit LunarCal, the perpetual Chinese Calendar. It is a 160-year calendarwhich gives all the dates from 1900-2060 written by H. Liang

Visit Chinapage to download a month by month printable Chinese calendar.

What are the 12 animals that represent the various years in the Chinese zodiac calendar cycle?

  1. Rat
  2. Ox
  3. Tiger
  4. Hare
  5. Dragon
  6. Snake
  7. Horse
  8. Sheep
  9. Monkey
  10. Rooster
  11. Dog
  12. Pig

Learning Links for Chinese New Year

The Mathematics of the Chinese New Year

Get your own Chinese Name and Zodiak sign

12 Animals of the Chinese Calendar

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