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Baseball Quiz
By Sarah Lane
Aug 19, 2010, 07:58 PST

Baseball Quiz

Baseball Quiz

Choose the best possible answer from the choices given and have fun!

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  1. How many stitches are in a baseball?
  2. Who invented baseball?
  3. What year was the first World Series between the National and American Leagues played?
  4. How many games are played in the World Series?
  5. What year did Jackie Robinson move to the majors?
  6. Both the NL and the AL have three divisions. The western, the eastern, and the what?
  7. Who wrote the lyrics to 'Take me out to the ball game?'
  8. Who won the first World Series ever?
  9. Who said, "I don't want them to forget Ruth, I just want them to remember me!"
10. Rollie Fingers is the first pitcher to record how many career saves?
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