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The Festival of Purim
By Sarah Lane
Jan 21, 2008, 15:35 PST

The Festival of Purim

 This year the celebration of the festive Jewish holiday of Purim will begin on Friday, March 25, 2005.  It pays tribute to a major victory over oppression. 


The tale is told in the Megillah, the scroll of the story of Esther.  The major figures involved are Ahashverosh (the King of Persia), Queen Vashti, Esther the Jewish girl, Mordechai (Esther's guardian), Haman and his wife Zeresh.  Fasting occurs on the day before Purim in memory of Esther's feast.  Then comes two days of dancing and partying complete with prizes, noisemakers, costumes, and treats. 


The story of Purim is told before and during the evening of the celebration.  An interesting side note is when the story is being told, every time the name Haman (an evil man) is mentioned, the listeners crank graggers or noisemakers. 

Source:     Holidays on the Net

Purim Worksheets


Purim Feast Coloring Page

Color this picture of a feast on The Festival of Purim.


Additional Learning Links


Purim on the Net

You can read the story of Purim, learn what a gragger is and what we do with it, hear audio recordings and readings for Purim, or check out the costumes, masks, goodies, crafts, gifts, supplies, and more.

Source:             Holidays on the Net

Reading Level:   Moderate



This site for Jewish children explains the story of Purim, has coloring pages, greeting cards, fun and games, around the world, and Purim Shpiel.  You can even print out your own Adar calendar.

Source:              Torah Tots, Inc.

Reading Level:   Easy


Judaism 101: Purim           

You'll find historical information on Purim, a recipe for Hamentaschen, and a list of important dates to remember for upcoming Purim celebrations.


Reading Level:   Moderate

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