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Cell Phone Courtesy Month: Five Basic Cell Phone Rules
By Nokia
Jun 27, 2004, 21:59 PST

cell phone courtesy

The following cell phone courtesy rules were suggested by Nokia. Please be courteous to those around you by keeping these guidelines in mind, especially when you are indoors.

The Person You are with is the Most Important Person To Talk To

Utilize the Caller ID feature for screening options. You may decide to let voice mail take the call and return the call at a more appropriate time.

Use Text Messaging to Simplify Your Life
Are your expecting important information from a colleague but need to be in a public area? Ask them to send a text message to your phone.

Change the Ringing Tones on Your Phone to Match the Environment You Are In
Use a loud ring for outdoors – but inside, use silent or vibrating options.

Turn off Your Phone During Public Performances or While In Public Spaces
In certain public areas such as movie theaters, plays, churches, museums and libraries, talking can be disruptive and can violate basic courtesy. If you are expecting an important call, use text messaging.

Don’t Engage In Cell Yell
Most devices have sensitive microphones that can pick up even a whisper. There is no need to speak louder on your cell phone than you would on any other phone. Use your best judgment when in a cab, train or any other environment where you might subject a “captive” public to your conversations.

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