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A Nation in Mourning: Space Shuttle Columbia
February 1

By ClassBrain Staff
Jan 20, 2011, 13:50 PST

A Nation in Mourning

As America welcomed the morning of February 1, 2003, one by one her citizens turned on televisions, radios, had conversations with neighbors, spoke with family members and had their guts wrenched with the senselessness of losing the Space Shuttle Columbia. For some of us it was like living the Challenger disaster all over again. For the sake of discovery, for the sake of our country, seven brave people took a risk that should be remembered every time a shuttle takes off and lands successfully. Our prayers go out to the family members of Rick D. Husband, William C. McCool, Michael P. Anderson, David M. Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Laurel Blair Salton Clark, and llan Ramon. The contributions made by your loved ones cannot be measured.

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(01/16/2003) --- KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. -- The STS-107 crew heads for the Astrovan and a ride to Launch Pad 39A for liftoff.

(01/16/2003) --- KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. - Through a cloud-washed blue sky above Launch Pad 39A, Space Shuttle Columbia hurtles toward space on mission STS-107..

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