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Last Updated: Mar 28th, 2003 - 12:59:41 

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Incorrupt Saints
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Jan 22, 2003, 7:04am


Topic: Incorrupt Saints

ClassBrain Visitor:

I am doing a Religion Topic on Incorrupt Saints. My Social Studies Teacher said that George Washington was found incorrupt. Maybe from the alcohol he was buried from. Is this true? If you have time, would you please email me back asap because I would like to include this information in my report, and would not like to put in false information. Thank you very much Sir/ Ma'am.

ClassBrain Response:

This is a fascinating subject. This is a quick overview on saints and the subject of incorrupt saints.

As far as George Washington being incorrupt. I think there may have been a mistake in your teacher’s research. George Washington was considered to be an “incorruptible soul” meaning that he had high morals and no one could get him to do something that he thought was wrong. He was an advocate of temperance, which means that he didn’t drink, and I couldn’t find anything about his body being exhumed and checked to see if he was incorrupt. He was buried in the family crypt and is still in his mahogany casket.

This site seems to be having trouble this evening, but try checking it and see if it’s cleared up. It discusses Washington’s death and burial.

Here’s another site for some incorrupt saints.

I was actually able to see some saints’ bodies in Messina, Italy that were like this.

Good luck on your paper.

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