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Market Gardening
By Sarah Lane
Dec 17, 2002, 7:32am


Topic : Market Gardening

ClassBrain Visitor:

Hi class brain i need to know as soon as possible if you can please the answer to this question.... How do market gardeners change the conditions inside their greenhouses to maximise the rate of photosynthesis
Thank you

ClassBrain Response:

The answer to your question depends mostly on what you are trying to grow, where you are trying to grow it, and what resources you have available. To help you out, here is a list of gardening resources.

The ATTRA (Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas) provides technical assistance to farmers, Extension agents, market gardeners, agricultural researchers, and other agriculture professionals.

This team of plant doctors has problem solving under control. They give advice on all things green as well as tips and articles for more help.

As part of the UK Net Guide Network, this Gardening Guide is sure to provide advice, links to general gardening sites, and a comprehensive directory.

This gardening forum has useful links for gardening advice.

Check this Gardening Directory for additional sites and information.

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