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Kwanzaa Learning Links
By Sarah Lane
Nov 13, 2004, 12:38 PST


Learning Links for Kwanzaa

Official Kwanzaa Website
You’ll find organized resources here on the holiday of Kwanzaa including roots and branches, the seven principles, the symbols, colors and decorations, and an archive of Founders messages.

An African-American Celebration
Inspired by the principle of Kuumba, this site covers definitions of Kwanzaa, terminology, Martin Luther King, the seven principles, and the rituals associated with the winter holiday.

Kwanzaa Information Center
Here you can learn about the spiritual aspects of Kwanzaa and how to apply them to a year-round way of life. There is a Kwanzaa forum, celebration guide, and helpful reading materials.

Everything About Kwanzaa
Get the history and definition of Kwanzaa or learn how to celebrate this holiday, decorate your home, and prepare the traditional feast. Visit Kuumba Korners, Umoja Resources, or the Nia Community Board.
Source:       McClester, Cedric (1994), Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa, What Is It?
Aside from explaining the origin of Kwanzaa, this page is particularly useful for its numerous links to articles, websites, greeting cards, lesson plans, children’s materials, special series, biographies, museums, and so much more.

Kwanzaa Exhibit
Roll your cursor over the Kwanzaa symbols to learn their meanings, or explore the history of this festival and its customs in this special exhibit.
Source:       A & E Television Networks

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