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Traditions & History  

Christmas Learning Links
By Sarah Lane
Nov 18, 2008, 08:40 PST

Additional Learning Links for Christmas

Christmas Exhibit
Part of the History Channel’s seasonal celebration, this Christmas Exhibit will tell you the real stories of Christmas, expose you to World Traditions, and will explore the evolution of Santa.
Source: A&E Television Networks
Reading Level: Moderate

“Christmas Gifts” - An Interactive Christmas Story
Follow along as you read the story of Santa and see him bring joy to the world. Click on the image to start the journey.
Reading Level: Moderate

Christmas History
These pages are all related to the history of Christmas in one way or another. Learn the history of Carols, about the Nativity, or the Twelve Days of Christmas.
Reading Level: Moderate

Christmas Past
Christmas past is a celebration of the history of the holiday. There’s virtual vintage post cards, a Christmas history forum, and the real story of Santa and his reindeer. Be sure to stop by the gallery for some really cool cartoons.
Reading Level: Moderate

Library of Congress
The Library of Congress welcomes Christmas with remnants of past celebrations. Read historical accounts from the American Life Histories, Listen to Christmas music sung in a variety of languages, and check out old photographs.
Source: American Memory, Today in History, Library of Congress
Reading Level: Moderate

Santa Land
Taking you back to an era of holiday traditions we remember as children . . .
Send a letter to Santa, read holiday stories, and find Christmas carols, lyrics, and arts n’ crafts! Dig up some Christmas recipes and care for that holiday plant Santa gave you.

Yule Love It!
Explore the World's Largest Collection of Christmas graphics!
Source: Present

Find more information on Christmas and the holidays with help from Google.

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