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Creepy Corner
By Sarah Lane
Sep 27, 2008, 22:51 PST

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Creepy Corner

Are you the kind of kid who likes to freak out all your friends by telling the scariest ghost story?  Well we've found some stuff on haunted houses, ghostly images, and superstitions that is sure to scare even you!  We're not saying that any of this proves that there are ghosts and spirits among us, but it sure does make for some really creepy fun! 

Creepy Corner Links

America's Most Haunted Places
Take a look at some of the country's most haunted places from Bell Witch Cave to the creepy city of New Orleans.  Explore prisons, battlefields, and haunted towns.
Source:      Troy Taylor 

Designated: Haunted
Read this article about the Whaley House designated as haunted by the U.S. Commerce Department.  It's one of the only two officially haunted homes in California.
Source:      Seattle Post-Intelligencer 

The Source for Ghost Stories
For a plethora of ghost stories in nine volumes, check this online e-book.  Read hundreds of stories or even submit your own!
Source:      RPM Distributing, Inc.

Ghost Photo Gallery
Guaranteed to spook you out, click on any one of these free ghost web photos for some freaky fun.  Orbs in motion, classical vortexes, and more!
Source:      Dave Oester

Tombstone Arizona

From Tombstone, Arizona here's all the dirt on the notorious Clanton gang and Clanton Ranch.  Learn about the ghosts of Tombstone, get an online tour of the town, and join in on lots of cowboy fun.
Source:      Terry Ike Clanton

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