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4th of July  

4th of July Quiz
By Sarah Lane
Jun 29, 2008, 11:09 PST

Fourth of July Quiz

Fourth of July Quiz

Choose the best possible answer from the choices given and have fun!

  1. What day has been designated the   anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence?
  2. Where did immigrants first set foot in the 'New World' to gain entry?
  3. The Declaration of Independence stated and established rights for individuals to life, liberty, and what?
  4. What document was the legal framework of the United States?
  5. What do the colors red, white, and blue stand for?
  6. Who do historians believe sewed the first official American flag?
  7. Who wrote the words of the 'Star Spangled Banner'?
  8. What's the official anniversary date of Flag Day?
  9. In what year did Congress finally recognize the Pledge of Allegiance?
10. Flying a flag upside down is a symbol of what?
When you are done, click on finished. For every right answer you get a check mark.

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