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Sir Francis Drake
By Cynthia Kirkeby
May 28, 2004, 09:41

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I need to find a history research about sir francis drake.


Sir Francis Drake is very very interesting fellow. He was hired by Queen Elizabeth to sail around the world in the 150s. He was actually quite a pirate as well over the years. Queen Elizabeth put up with it, because he was damaging the Spanish. He would attack the Spanish fleet and take their gold. Queen Elizabeth liked that quite a bit. In 1580 Drake became the 2nd man to successfully circumnavigate the globe (sail all the way around the world).

Modern History Sourcebook: Francis Pretty: Sir Francis Drake's Famous Voyage Round The World, 1580
This site is cool because it was actually wirtten by one of the men on Draks ship.
Source: Internet Modern History Sourcebook

Sir Francis Drake
This one is pretty easy to follow and has links to related articles (check the bottom of the page)
Source: Sir Francis Drake History


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