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4-H Lambs
By Sarah Lane
May 28, 2004, 10:37


Topic: 4-H Lambs

ClassBrain Visitor:

Hi I have wrote to you a few times. I have a question about 4-H lambs. What could you feed them for a treat so they wont get bloted. Please responed. And also can you give more information about 4-H lambs and how to show a good Lamb.

ClassBrain Response:

Hi Kayle and thanks again for stopping by!

So you want to show a good lamb huh? There is plenty of information out there for you to read and learn from, to get an idea of how to pick, take care of, and feed the best lamb ever!

This link is an article about you, your lamb, and the 4-H experience.

Read this first.

At this link, someone asked a question about feeding and showing a lamb. The answer gives a lot of good information.

This next link is a special website that if you scroll down, it has a box where you can ask really specific questions about your lamb.

This last link is a great guide to feeding your lamb. Make sure you scroll all the way down.

Hopefully this will be enough information to get you started with taking care of your lamb!

Good luck!


Your friends at ClassBrain, Inc.

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