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By Sarah Lane
May 29, 2004, 11:59

Topic: Suffixes ending in ‘ly’ and ‘ful’

ClassBrain Visitor:

Where can I find a list of suffixes ending in: _____ly and _____ful?

ClassBrain Response:

A letter or a syllable added to a word to form a new word is called a suffix.

For example:

hope + ful = hopeful

safe + ly = safely

That said, here are some words ending in ‘ly’ and ‘ful’.

Words ending in ‘ful’

Beautiful Harmful Playful Thankful Useful Hopeful
Careful Powerful Sorrowful Joyful Helpful Wonderful
Merciful Fruitful Truthful Woeful Bashful Pitiful Wasteful
Awful Deceitful Harmful Lawful Stressful

Words Ending in 'ly'
Quietly Exactly Lonely Softly Suddenly Safely Quickly
Surely Angrily Probably Recently Silently Simply Slowly
Truly Usually Absolutely Actually Badly Certainly Clearly
Daily Definitely Easily Especially Exactly Family Finally
Friendly Generally Happily Hardly Lately Lovely Luckily
Mainly Mostly Nearly Possibly

Learn more about suffixes with the help of Google

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