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Middle Ages
By Sarah Lane
May 29, 2004, 10:30

Topic: Crime & Punishment in the Middle Ages


Were The Middle Ages Lawless And Violent?
The answer should consider the following details:
-Kinds of crime: which were most common and why.
-Theft:Who did it and what it mainly consisted of.
-Violent Crime: its frequency and what it usually led to
-crime, then and now comparison.
-Underlying factors: the relationship between crime rates and
the economy.
-the evidence if any used.


Here are some links to resources that will answer the above questions:

Crime & Punishment in the Middle Ages - Article

Crime & Punishment

Britain's Heritage and History

What is Crime?

Crime & Punishment in the Late Middle Ages

Galleries of Justice

BBC - Crime

Learn more about the Middle Ages with the help of Google

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